Office Liaison


  • Fluent English

Eleanor, Office Liaison

Eleanor has been working in dentistry for over 30 years. For Eleanor, working in dentistry began as a stepping-stone to something else, but after experiencing the joys of dentistry first-hand, she has stayed in the industry and we're so glad! Eleanor's favorite thing about dentistry is the artistry and creativity of reshaping a person's mouth and by doing so, reshaping their outlook on life.

She loves being able to work with patients who first come to the office afraid of receiving treatment, and end up leaving feeling happy and confident and ready to come back for their next appointment. Eleanor is from Baltimore; she has lived in New Jersey since 2003.

She and her husband, John, enjoy watching movies and television, music, singing, dancing, visiting amusement parks , ice hockey, reading, and she is a Disney fanatic, especially when it comes to Tinkerbell. The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones also rank high on her favorites list.